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SoldierSync // #A224-012

Gathering data from wearables is a real challenge. But that data can advance the fitness and well-being of Soldiers, if we collect the right things and we know what they mean. That's where your expertise comes in. The Army wants a portable hub that automatically syncs data from Soldiers' wearable devices for further analysis.

Application window opens May 25, 2022.

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Survivability Coatings // #A224-011

High-energy lasers have become a threat to unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). Protective coating technology for aircrafts/weapon systems are needed to counter directed-energy weapons. The Army wants a rapid solution that is easy to install at a low cost. The solution will also need to be air-cooled and have no power requirement other than environmental if necessary.

Application window opens May 25, 2022.

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Unmanned Aircraft System Propulsion // #A224-008

Motor-generator (M-G) system technology is designed for equipment that operates on the ground — not the sky. This makes it too bulky, heavy, and electrically unsound to power the unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) of the future properly. The Army wants a compact, lightweight motor-generator system with a controller to power next-gen electrified UASs.

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Electric Combat Vehicle Tactical Battlefield Recharger (TBR) System // A224-007

Tactical Battlefield Rechargers (TBR) need to be designed to deploy into austere battlefield environments to provide recharge capabilities for electric combat vehicles, forward operating bases, and provide the power required by Army units to operate. We seek modular solutions that can be scaled over time and will reduce dependence on generators as well as be capable of accepting power from a host grid to reduce fuel consumption.

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